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Good morning gorgeous you're almost ready for the day

You hear the sound of birds like April's away

Your mum calls from downstairs as you finish you can hear her

Away goes the makeup and one last look in the mirror

Your mother tells you that tonight you shouldn't come back late

You lie and say you're staying at a friends for goodness sake

You slam the door behind and start texting your mates

Before seeing them at the school waiting behind the gates

They tell you what you think and you start to feel pale

Cos' deep inside you know the hearts before you are stale

Then you're approached by a person who cares

You turn away and look up as he naturally stares

And then he asks what's wrong and who you were talking to

Infuriated you shout 'just some friends' and start walking too

He tells you he trusts you and kisses you on the cheek

You put your hands to your mouth as you're shy and you've gone weak

And then you turn to your friends and make him out to be annoying

As he walks away you text another guy you're toying

But then you want his attention so you apologise

And tell him why you were acting so off so he falls again and begins to try

You tell him how bad your life is and that you wish you could die

How nothing ever works out for you and you never know why

And how you want him to be yours which is only a lie

And how your father always hits you which makes you cry

Oh and you're so oblivious

And oh and you're so oblivious

The next day you wake up only to find a text from him again

It says that he cares he's tried to call you every now and then

You just switch off the screen hoping that he won't reply

Until you receive another text from the guy you met the other night

You're approaching the door only to find your father standing there

He looks at you, you know you've done something wrong to earn that saddened glare

It makes you sick to your stomach but how you gonna' get out tonight

Defensively you argue push he scolds you on the thigh

You close the door and crouch into a corner to cry

Where you reach for your phone and begin to reply

To grab on to who cares to not reply is still tempting

Missing many other numbers as your hands are still trembling

With chipped nail varnish at the end of your fingers

You delete your ex's mail as well as all of his pictures

But then you pause for a moment just to hear your parents speak

They say she's not allowed out now for at least another week

So instead she decides to leave and not tell em' where she's going

Through the back door to get drunk without them knowing

You turn off your phone in a state to grab another drink

And 'accidentally' kiss the guy that's been eyeing you

without a chance to think

Oh and you're so oblivious

And oh and you're so oblivious

And his heart is slowly dying woah

And his heart is slowly dying woah

This makes you depressed because you know you're seeing the one who cares

They tried to touch you down below wanting to feel what you wear

You run to a close one and say you don't want anymore

She hands you a vodka bottle and you wake up on the bedroom floor

With your head banging you tell him exactly what you've done

He tells you he's disappointed as he thought you were the one

Then he threatens to leave and you act without a care

You know he's just a sponge and you're no way being fair

There's a massive argument and the both of you go all out

There's tears from either person and just before the fall out

He tells you to learn  a lesson through a song as he's a singer

He's aware he's just another guy wrapped around your finger

It's not exactly what you did that was the thing that really hurt him

It's that he knows what you'll turn into from these lies and stirring

That he sees with his own eyes that you're ruining your life

And you're so unaware how much he wanted you a pair

The thought that you'll go out one night completely off your head

And be used for something sickening as you listen to what he said

You're all alone at night and pissed as someone starts to touch your leg

The thought that you're vulnerable and can be forced into his bed

He can't tell you how it feels because it causes you a tantrum

The one who cares is killing inside as he hates to imagine

You can always start again just like another seed just plant it

And this time appreciate what you have and don't take it for granted

Your life has potential don't hurt people for the sake of it

Cos' your life is amazing and exactly what you make of it

She was so damn oblivious

Oh and you're so oblivious

And oh and you're so oblivious

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